Below are samples of the most recent projects, designs, and content that I have overseen and managed:

Blog Posts:

In my current role I am often time given the opportunity to personally write some of our posts for the The Tool People Blog. I strive to target keywords that are both relevant and offer the rare glimpse of high traffic and lower competition. Because of the intimate knowledge most buyers have of our specialty products, I am able to utilize the product code as another valid keyword target point.Below are a few samples.

Sample Keywords targeted:

Nikon Riflescope Reticles- This word was chosen after anecdotally discussing our current customers keyword search phrases. When sport optic customers are searching for a reticle they are typically prepared to purchase so I found this blog post to be an effective target towards those keywords. Again this is another instance of low competition with a decent rate of traffic.

Nikoplex versus BDC- Same scenario we see above, effective for customers that are specifically interested in buying.

Blog Post: An Overview of Nikon Riflescope Reticles


For fathers Day 2015 using Adobe Illustrator and PhotoshopI designed from scratch  a compelling infographic stylized advertisement designed to drive traffic to our website. Pinterest was targeted as our primary insertion point. The most exciting result of this post was the increase in Jump-N-Carry sales. While other tools on the list saw modest gains the top placed jump starter was the primary mover for sales. On Facebook the target line was: “Eight Gift Ideas For Every Kind of Dad”.


Home page for our flagship website The Tool People. I personally designed and built all of the visual elements.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.13.39 AM

This was the landing page designed for PPC campaign we ran in Google Adwords for our targeted scope campaign we ran over the 2015 holiday season. We also targeted Amazon utilizing their PPC model. We have found over the years Amazon has become an increasingly crucial location to drive sales and gain traffic. The page scrolls down revealing a variety of other categories of scopes available.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.22.27 AM


Below is a project that I personally managed for our third party API which controlled our inventory and price management software on various online marketplaces. Over several months I worked with our developer in creating a system that could target the prices of the competitor and automatically adjust to a given threshold. I specifically created the algorithm and designed the UI that became the basis for inventory system.