Work Experience

I have had the absolute privilege and blessing to be able to work for incredible companies and organizations throughout my life. During my collegiate years at the University of Florida I was able to experience leadership first hand through many university leadership positions including Chief Justice of Traffic Court, Student Senator, and Fraternity President. In each role I was able to learn more about the critical skill of managing talent and resources. After college I began a career in sales working for Cintas Corporation acquiring clients from the smallest automotive shop to the largest million dollar accounts. I spent a brief stint in the ministry partnering with Riverside Church in leading the youth. Managing a 100+ student ministry tested my ability to speak, plan, and effectively communicate. I also had the great opportunity to utilize my marketing background in content generation as we sought to optimize our camp and church website to the local market. At my current position I am blessed to be in a company where every day is unique and challenging. From laying out a strategic marketing framework to designing print work for a newspaper ad. I have the great responsibility for operating our SEO and content strategy through multiple channels. We have seen incredible growth and have watched our revenue quadruple this last year. We are constantly looking to innovate and are excited about the coming years.

Below are two websites that I currently maintain  and operate. Both are tool retail sites that I manage the coding, graphic work, and SEO optimization. Although relatively new companies I am excited about the incredible growth that we were able to experience within the last year and a half.

Sol y Costa International offers more than just tools but also a wide array of technology and marine products. With a focus at home as well as abroad, Sol y Costa services customers from Milwaukee to Moscow.

The Tool People are a very popular discount tool retailer specializing in the automotive industry. With tools as a passion and excellent customer service as the capstone, The Tool People are poised to be a key player on the retail world.

Below are two marketing videos we used for announcing our church camp “The Call”. My brother and I collaborated on these promotional videos. Both videos are shot with Canon 7D and are edited in Final Cut using After Effects.


In this link you will find my most up to date resume.


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